The art of finding and employing talent has never been more awash with choice - of methods, technologies and media. The average business is now empowered like never to speed up their hiring process, be more targeted in their search, and more accurate with attraction techniques.

But what about the actual cost of hiring?
Did you ever felt traditional recuritment becoming expensive?

The cost of hiring via traditional recruitment

Hiring continues to be an expensive practice for most verticals.
Despite the growth of social recruitment and B2B engagement sites like Linked in.corn and Google., there remains a heavy reliance on advertising to achieve results. For most businesses, advertising costs are only the tip of the hiring iceberg.

The bigger and more complex a company is, the higher the risk of cost spirals due to talent gaps, internal process delays, internal structuring, salary alignment and so on.

So where Is the evolution In bringing hiring costs down?

The future might be in more flexible outsourced models such as Recruitment As A Service ( RAAS) that take hidden costs out of the hiring process, reduce agency spend, and reduce internal recruitment overheads.

As technology continues to provide more tools to find talent, the requirements of businesses move more towards ser,rice-based models. By worldng with flexible outsourcing models such as Recruitment As A Service ( RAAS), businesses can pre-cost their hiring process, advertising, and early stage interviewing, leaving only final interview decisions with the HR and hiring managers.

This can reap long term benefits not only on the talent acquisition bottom line, but also in the productivity of all staff involved.

Company hiring costs for 100 people with a lightweight outsourced recruitment model
(Hirextra.com - Recruitment As A Service (RAAS).


There are the huge savings on costs with Hirextra.com - Recruitment As A Service (RAAS) who manages advertising,shortlisting, phone screening, interviewing etc

How RAAS works

1) Upload Your Job Description here — no registration is required (just need email and phone number).

2) Positions : Mention Required Number of Positions — Maximum 3 profiles will be submitted per position. Not more than 3 positions per role.

3) Location Required : Mention the location where the resources will be working.

4) Required By Date : Minimum 3 working days to Maximum 21 working days.

5) The pricing of the recruitment depends on complexity of job description, no of position's, complexity of the position, title , skills , when required etc .

Talent Pool
Talent Pool